Clisomo’s Laboratory has driven our flow chemistry service solutions and developed several platforms and processes over the last ten years. Our team of expert scientists and engineers can now manufacture new reactors and develop robust processes to fulfill reaction requirements thanks to their understanding of “end-to-end” continuous flow production. Customers can benefit from better safety and efficiency, space savings, higher production capacity, and in-situ reaction monitoring with these solutions.

Clisomo’s Laboratory has produced process screening platforms, equipment specifically designed for process validation, and prototype reactors to date. We’ve been able to swiftly determine flow reaction feasibility, move new technologies to production, and scale-up applications because of these advancements.

Reaction Types

Cryogenic reactions (≤ -20ºC)

High temperature reactions (≥ 150ºC)

Diazomethane reactions

Ozonation reactions

Oxidation with peroxide



Hazardous reactions involving azide or hydrazine compounds

Reactions with gases including acetylene, ethylene, ammonia, etc