Core Services

Core Services

Based on the individual needs of each project, our expertise can create, optimize, and screen enzymes. Our manufacturing strategy is built on biotransformation, which is guaranteed to meet Good manufacturing practice standards and flexible enough to create volumes ranging from mg to tonnes. Synthetic route development, which takes advantage of enzymes’ highly selective nature as a replacement for chiral precious metal catalysts, results in a considerably more cost-effective and environmentally friendly procedure. Clisomo produces catalysts on site to support the entire chemical process, recognizing the need to shift away from proprietary enzymes given by a single enzyme supplier. For best efficiency in a manufacturing environment, we immobilize each enzyme’s characteristics. We’re also able to avoid enzyme activity loss and apply other modern technologies because we manufacture and use these enzymes in a single location.

Enzyme Screening

Clisomo offers a variety of enzyme screening kits that cover a wide range of biotransformation processes, as well as standalone enzyme screening for specialized processes. We will provide options that add greater value for less work when clients submit substrates that involve analytical technique development and process optimization.

Enzyme Engineering

Climoso saves needless stages in making the enzyme acceptable for shipment by generating enzyme solutions at the same location where the chemical process will be carried out, increasing value in the process. For the optimum overall process, we can also integrate the biotransformation stage with additional technologies. Our enzyme engineering is chemist-controlled, which means that the efficacy of each stage is our top concern.

Immobilization Solutions

Clisomo provides a range of enzyme immobilization solutions aimed at improving overall efficiency in integrated biocatalysts. Our immobilization platform is tailored to enzymes for applicability, scalability, and cost savings in the manufacturing process, and it provides the following benefits:

 Design that is both quick and reasonable.
 Platforms for immobilization that are both custom and generic.
 Expertise in the creation of analysis methods.
 Single enzymes, multiple enzymes, and co-enzymes/cofactors.


We’ve established significant competence in fermentation to manufacture biocatalysts for APIs or intermediates as part of our entire biotransformation solutions. In addition, we are expanding our capacity to produce enzyme therapies, initially for oral dosage forms and then for injectables in the future. Our experts can look into using an in-house enzyme instead of a costly commercial enzyme in a technical package. This saves money, decreases reliance on an outside provider, and gives you complete control over enzyme production and supply as needed for the project.

Hazardous Reactions

While some chemical reactions are inherently dangerous, especially when scaled up, we’re committed to using cutting-edge techniques to address safety concerns. The perfect solution to such industrial hazards is continuous flow chemistry, which is a primary technological focus at Clisomo. Our experts have successfully built unique flow processes for a range of common hazardous reactions on clinical and commercial supply scales using equipment designed in-house during the previous decade. Clisomo performs a full hazard assessment prior to scaling a process requiring hazardous chemistry, whether in batch or continuous flow, to assure safe operation. Our Process Safety Lab uses thermal screening and calorimetric to better understand chemistry’s thermal hazards, product thermal and mechanical stability testing, and other process-related hazards like vent sizing determination to better understand engineering requirements for gas-generating processes. To ensure safe operation, all scaled processes go through a rigorous HAZOP process.


We have established broad electrochemistry capabilities as part of our commitment to green chemistry and industry cooperation. We can assess whether a redox can be done electrochemically and whether it is scalable by doing lab-based feasibility studies. Selection of proper cathode and anode, electrolyte, and other parameters such as concentration and applied voltage are all part of each scope. Flow cell technology also allows us to produce big volumes.

Other Services:

Clisomo Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian chemical manufacturing and distribution firm that specializes in petroleum distribution. We acquire and distribute petrol (PMS), diesel (AGO), kerosene (DPK), and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Nigeria through a network of three retail shops and major storage facilities in Onne, Rivers State (LPG). From our oil mixing factory in Onne, River State, we also manufacture and distribute a diverse range of high-quality lubricants. In aviation depots in Port Harcourt and Benin City, we provide aeroplane refueling services. We are devoted to providing renewable energy solutions to clients through our solar brand, in addition to our strategic retail and commercial network. Our philosophy emphasizes on putting our stakeholders first and providing exceptional service. We deliver a holistic brand vision through technical breakthroughs and superior service delivery across the energy value chain with the right people in place. We are devoted to maintaining good corporate governance, sound ethics, and discipline, as well as implementing appropriate health and safety measures.