Who We Are

About Clisomo Nigeria Limited

Clisomo Nigeria Limited is a chemical manufacturing and distribution company. We specialized in the manufacture of various types of synthetic resins utilizing petro-chemical polymeric raw materials.

Vision Statement

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the most reputable African chemical manufacturing and distribution company and energy solutions brand committed to driving the continent's growth and transformation motivates us to be positively intentional in our interactions with stakeholders, particularly our employees.

What We Do


Clisomo's Laboratory has driven our flow chemistry service solutions and developed several platforms and processes over the last ten years.

Core Services


Based on the individual needs of each project, our expertise can create, optimize, and screen enzymes. Our manufacturing strategy is built on biotransformation, which is guaranteed to meet Good manufacturing practice standards and flexible enough to create volumes ranging from mg to tonnes. Synthetic route development, which takes advantage of enzymes’ highly selective nature as a replacement for chiral precious metal catalysts, results in a considerably more cost-effective and environmentally friendly procedure. Clisomo produces catalysts on site to support the entire chemical process, recognizing the need to shift away from proprietary enzymes given by a single enzyme supplier. For best efficiency in a manufacturing environment, we immobilize each enzyme’s characteristics.

Enzyme Screening


Enzyme Engineering


Immobilization Solutions